Miami's legendary producer Shad T. Scott has been the main man behind the Gosub project since the original conception came to life in the late 90's. Gosub's debut brought a new breath to electro, stripping away zaps and robot voices and injecting Shad's love of funk and jazz. Shad has worked in all aspects of music from Isophlux label head, writing scores major motion pictures, programming & engineering pop music, to playing live electro / techno performances around the world.


Shad got his start in music being the font man for a punk band when he was a seventeen skateboarder in the late 80's. With band mates either being deported or just disappearing it left Shad to his own devices. These events lead him to discover electronic music. Shad became a fan of industrial music such as Skinny Puppy and Front 242. A ex-girlfriend left a synth at his house which led him to discoveing the world of synthesizers and drum machines. Shad went to every pawn shop and garage sale looking for old synths and studio equipment, learning along the way how to use everything he got his hand on.


By the early 90's Shad started releasing music under his own name for a record label he and his freind Seven started. Releasing under project names like Metal Beat, Phrunt, Anthiliawaters, Dcast Dynamics and others, Shad has been able to find outlets for his all his musical concepts.


With his label Isophlux he signed and debuted artist such as Jimmy Edgar and Lusine. Having a passion for releasing new music of others as well as his own works allowing his label Isophlux to gain a cult following.


In the 90's Shad moved to Los Angeles and became one of the most popular studio electronic musician / programmers working with top acts at the time such as:


Alanis Morissette


Van Halen

Fiona Apple

K.D. Lang


Billy Idol

No Doubt

and others...


Since 2000 Shad's main focus is a steady output of albums and singles under the Gosub project . Releasing his brand of electro / techno on labels from around the world. His current focus is his new 2 hour live sets mixing his love of techno and electro into "one of the most powerful live shows around" as stated by a recent promoter.


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